Stress-free work life


In 2012-2013 the program „ Work life free from stress, depression and burnout“ is carried out. Its goal is to increase the skills of people to maintain their psychological health, life satisfacion and balance, and through that help to get back to work, stay at work, or work more productively. Project was funded by European Social Fund, under the measure “supporting healthy choices and lifestyle “ 

It is for people who feel that problems with stress, mood of burnout prevent them from working or make it harder to work or to get to work, or those problems interfere with everyday life and relationships.   

Results of the project

 •5 groups carried out (10 days each, 60h) 

•92 persons participated in group work: 

     –5 persons with reduced workability, 4 persons with disability 

     –11 men / 81 women (12% / 88%) –64 people working, 13 unemployed, 15 not active in employment market 

      –53 identified themsselves as “person with social difficulties”, 5 as “person with financial difficulties”