The program for supporting work life "New Beginning" 

In 2009-2011 there was an extensive councelling program “New beginning” which supported getting to work or helped to maintain work. The program was supported by European Social Fund. 

The program was for people with social or economical difficulties, unemployed people, and mothers of small children who wanted to go back to work. Program was carried out by group leaders, psychologists, personnel councellors, and other specialists. 

The services of the program were

 •Group work (10 weeks) 

 •Portfolio composition workshops 

 •Individual councelling: 




The services were free of charge for the participants.

The results of the project

•12 groups carried out (10 days each, 60h) 

•206 persons participated in group work 

•749 hours of individual psyshological councelling 

•144 legal councelling 

•In total, 267 clients were proviced services for. 219 were unemployed, 48 employed. 

•60 unemployed people got work (27% of unemployed), 31 continue working – some of them changed jobs (also inside organization), 11 went to study, 4 have started their own company, and 3 are in the process of starting. One company changed it’s field, one NGO was founded and 4 FIE-s continue work. 

•People brought out mostly increase in self esteem and trust and belief in themselves. Also new understanding why previous workplaces induced high stress, psychological problems and dropout from work. Program helped to restore active approach to life, which is often lost when people become unemployed.