AppsTerv – Web-based applications for mental health 


Project „AppsTerv – Web-based applications for mental health“ is carried out during the period from 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2015 and it is financed through EEA Grants / Norway Grants. The project budget is 204 861 EUR, the part of Avitus activities is 52 033 EUR. The project is led by Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute (ERSI) and the partners are: Avitus NGO, Arkimedes Inc (Norway), National Institute for Health Development (TAI), ERSI Kliinik (Health Clinic in Nõmme) and  
The main objective of the project is to improve the quality and attractiveness of web-based counselling for children and adolescents in Estonia, increase the level and range of counselling services and raise mental health awareness among children, adolescents, parents and specialists. 

The objective of the project will be reached by the following four main lines of activities:  (1) to establish and maintain a new informative web-portal, which would become the main entry point for queries and searches regarding mental health and life-style issues,  (2) to modernise and develop both the conceptual and technological level of web-based counselling service environment,  (3) to organise the network of different web-based counsellors (specialists and volunteers) and increase their competence by continuous training and supervision,  (4) to develop interactive and innovative self-help smartphone applications for youth in Estonia for promoting healthy behavioural choices, preventing common mental health problems, screening/evaluating the mental health status and stopping impulsive actions. 
All deliverables of the project will be carefully evaluated and disseminated across the country both to the general public and specific target groups (children, adolescents, parents, specialists) using optimal channels for particular groups. Members of target groups will be provided with opportunities to contribute to the development of web-applications and dissemination of information. 

The expected outcome of the project is increased awareness about mental health, better availability and sustainability of high-quality cost-effective web-based counselling services and reliable mental health information, increase in the belief that easily available anonymous web-based self-help is effective for a high number of users. Sustainability has been identified as a very important part of the project. 
The innovative aspects of the project include arranging mental health web-based counselling services, existing best practices and information into a new web-portal, introducing Russian language counselling along with Estonian language, developing interactive smartphone web-applications to relieve common mental health problems in youth. 

The project team is led by highly qualified psychiatrist Prof Airi Värnik. She has experience in clinical psychiatry, her scientific work on suicidal behaviour and mental health is internationally well-known, she established and is currently the head of the applicant organisation – ERSI. ERSI is a NGO established in1993 and working mainly on European Commission and WHO funded projects. The project partners form a motivated consortium, which has a wide range of experiences with web-based counselling and information dissemination for the general public and specific target groups.